Maths and English Tuition at Kip McGrath Huddersfield South

At Kip McGrath Education Centre Huddersfield South, we offer professional tuition in English and Maths to children aged 6 to 16 within the South Huddersfield region. The Centre is owned and run by Katrina Robinson-Brown, a qualified teacher with over 14 years experience teaching children in West and South Yorkshire.

All Maths and English tutors at Kip McGrath Huddersfield South are fully qualified teachers and hold full, enhanced disclosure certificates.

Does your child need additional tutoring in English or Maths?

Students come to our Huddersfield South centre for additional tutoring for a number of reasons including the following:

  • Pupils lacking confidence in English or Maths
  • Pupils falling behind at school
  • Reading, writing or spelling issues
  • Struggling with maths
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Exam Preparation
  • Study techniques

The centre caters for all abilities, not just those who are having difficulty. Parents who are interested in our service are invited to bring their child along for a comprehensive educational assessment, which is free of charge and without obligation. Katrina will discuss the results in full with parents and will highlight any areas of weakness. The results will enable her to create an individual programme of learning for your child. It also gives parents and students the opportunity to meet with the staff, see the centre and decide if they want to enrol.

Tuition takes place after school and on Saturdays with each teaching session lasting 80 minutes. Children are taught on a 1 to 1 basis within a small group of up to 5. Each child works at his/her own pace. They are challenged and extended but never overwhelmed. Our aim is give them the confidence and skills needed to achieve their full potential. Progress is carefully monitored and assessed and regular feedback is provided to parents. There is a strong emphasis on motivation and success.

We provide a relaxed, friendly and positive learning environment where children feel safe, comfortable and happy.